Beach Volleyball Club

Beach House Volleyball is an indoor beach volleyball facility located in Peoria, AZ.

We are proud to introduce the "Beach House". The first of its kind in Arizona to offer a true California beach volleyball experience all in the comfort of a premier air-conditioned facility. No harmful UV rays! No heatstroke! No bad weather! Just year round beach volleyball fun without the sun, wind, heat, cold and rain.

The Beach House is a state of the art training facility for all levels of play with washed and filtered California beach sand and courts designed by AVP and FIVB court designers.

We offer leagues, tournaments, summer camps, private coaching/training and the best youth programs taught by AVP professionals.

Beach Volleyball

What’s better than playing volleyball on the beach during those beautiful summer days? How about being able to play beach volleyball, year round, and getting the full experience of living at the shore, even if you don’t? Beach House Volleyball is excited to announce our new club, offering indoor beach volleyball, anytime you want to play!

Beach Tennis

If you haven’t heard of beach tennis, it’s the best new beach sport that is growing in popularity throughout the world.  Think tennis, but on a sandy beach in beautiful summer weather.  For those who don’t live near the beach, Beach House is bringing the experience of beach tennis indoors for year round play!

We Offer A Variety of Beach Volleyball Services

Open Play

Open play volleyball

Volleyball Training

Volleyball Training - volleyball coaching