Events > 2018 > October > A/B Mens 2s Tournament

About this event:

Created by Atlas

16681 N 84th Ave, Suite 130 Peoria, AZ 85382
USD 25.00

B Level

B level players know the rules and can keep the ball in play. They have trouble with technical parts like hand setting, lifts and consistency. They will be required to play by the rules, but hand setting will be called loose unless it is extremely bad.

A Level

A players are adept with knowledge of the game as well as skill. A players will mess up on occasion but for the most part they will keep the ball in play more then they will mess up. They will have trouble killing the ball or spiking in bounds.

This tournament is for B-A level players. If you are a B or A level player (or anything in between) you are more than welcome.

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