Beach Volleyball - Peoria

Beach Volleyball

What’s better than playing beach volleyball on a beautiful summer day? How about being able to play beach volleyball, year round, and getting the full experience of living at the shore, even if you don’t? Beach House Volleyball is excited to announce our new club, offering indoor beach volleyball, anytime you want to play!

Beach Volleyball Club

Living in Arizona, you don’t often get the chance to experience a true game of beach volleyball. Beach House is the answer to your need to play! With indoor beach volleyball, you can now play year round, without worrying about the heat, the sun, or perfect weather. Our indoor club features the sand, the sport, and the energy that defines beach volleyball in a fully air conditioned venue. The beach volleyball club is open to anyone who wants to play and leagues are formed for the best competitive experience. If you love beach volleyball, or have always wanted to learn to play, then Beach House is for you!

AVP Beach Volleyball

AVP Beach Volleyball is the premier beach volleyball league in the U.S. and the league of the pros. We follow the AVP beach volleyball rules and regulations, and membership brings perks that the biggest fans will love. The courts at Beach House were designed by AVP to give our members the real deal. Nationally recognized as the club to belong to for the sport, AVP is the professional choice!

Women’s Beach Volleyball

Beach House offers a women’s only beach volleyball league, perfect for those who want to play on a woman’s team. Engage in competitive play, or just come out for some friendly fun! Our women’s league lets you play beach volleyball in a friendly atmosphere, without any self-consciousness or intimidation.

For the best beach volleyball experience in landlocked Arizona, come to Beach House! Our beach volleyball club brings the best of the California beach indoors for safe, comfortable, year round play. We’ll see you on the court!