Beach Tennis - Peoria

Beach Tennis

If you haven’t heard of beach tennis, it’s the best new beach sport that is growing in popularity throughout the world.  Think tennis, but on a sandy beach in beautiful summer weather.  For those who don’t live near the beach, Beach House is bringing the experience of beach tennis indoors for year round play!

ITF Beach Tennis

The International Tennis Federation, or ITF, is the global organization for beach tennis rules and regulations.  Beach House follows these rules for game play and equipment.  The equipment, such as racquets and balls are different from traditional tennis, but many of the same game rules and techniques apply.  Different equipment makes for a slight learning curve, but even those with no prior experience can easily pick up beach tennis.  If you enjoy tennis, and enjoy the beach, combine these two favorites into one awesome activity!

Leagues and Tournaments

Not only is Beach House the perfect place to get you fix of sand and sport, it’s a great way to get out and meet people!  Our beach tennis leagues and tournaments are going to be the activity on your calendar you look forward to most.  Following ITF rules and standards for game play, there are leagues and tournaments for any player.  Just starting out?  We have the league for you!  Do you have beach tennis experience?  Our members are ready for the competitive game you bring.  Play the game you love, get some exercise in, and enjoy the sand all year at Beach House!

Beach House brings all the best of the California coast indoors for our members to enjoy all year round!  With climate control to the perfect temperature, and safe from the harmful rays of the sun and the sweltering heat of summer, beach tennis has never been more fun.  Come get your beach on at Beach House!